AMERICAN DREAMS - 447, 7th Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Dimensions: 124cm x 62cm (closed) and 124cm x 128cm (opened)

“American Dreams” is made up of six paintings concerned with the often dramatic difference between our public face and our private feelings, something most of us are aware of. Buildings are particularly interesting because their exteriors are often bland and public, but behind closed doors, who knows?

Private events take place inside buildings, all of which can be visited. In this case it is an apartment block just off 7th Avenue , Manhattan, with its ubiquitous fire escapes. Outside, Elvis' truck is parked – a Peterbilt, the epitomy of American macho, which was Elvis. These buildings are characterised by the strong diagonals of the fire escapes, in contrast to the rectangular forms throughout the rest of the building.

See the open version and a full description.


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