Dimensions: 21" x 33" (opened)

I shared a studio in the old Art School in Abbey Foregate, an insalubrious part of Shrewsbury, in the early 2000s. Opposite the studio, by the railway bridge, was the Abbey Fish Bar, with a house of ill-repute above it. I was painting buildings with window reflections, and portraits at the time. I painted this building because of its amazing colours. This developed into the first “opening doors” painting as my colleague and I became intrigued by the comings and goings at the upstairs establishment and the contrast between events in the public space outside and those behind closed doors. Our minds work in much the same way with our public face often shielding our private thoughts. When a visitor to Picasso's studio asked if he may look at his sketch books, the reply was: “do you really want to see inside my mind?”

See the open version and a full description.


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